The initiative of a Tamilian- to be proud of

Taxi hard-driver! Cabbie claims he has the most high-tech rickshaw in India after kitting out his vehicle with a computer, TV and wi-fi.

  • G Annadurai in Chennai, India has upgraded his three-wheel rickshaw
  • It includes a mobile phone charger, wi-fi, a tablet and magazines
  • Gives free rides to teachers and hospital workers and on Mother's Day
  • He spends his profits educating poor children living on the streets

  • It took Annadurai years to save up and afford many of the luxury items he offers his passengers.
  • ‘The rickshaw has a wide range of magazines and newspapers for the passengers. I also offer mobile phone and satellite TV service recharge,’ he said.
  • ‘I have Wi-Fi, but not all passengers have a device, so I offer them a tablet.’
  • Annadurai also issues lucky coupons to passengers, and come end of month, he has a prize draw.
  • The winners get free rides throughout the following month, and sometimes a cash reward too.

When Parsis can have their name as per the profession, why can't we have it? (After all we are not British to have Barber, Cook, Side Bottom, etc...)

1 Doctor Vaidhyanathan
2 Dentist Pallavan
3 Lawyer Kesavan
4 North Indian Lawyer Panjabakesan
5 Financier Dhanasekaran
6 Cardiologist Irudhayaraj
7 Pediatrist Kuzhandaisamy
8 Marriage Counselor Kalyanasundaram
9 Ophthalmologist Kannayiram
10 ENT Specialist Neelakandan
11 Diabetologist Sakkarapani
12 Nutritionist Arogyasamy
13 Hypnotist Sokkalingam
14 Mentalist Budhisikamani
15 Exorcist Maatruboodham
16 Magician Mayandi
17 Builder Sengalvarayan
18 Painter Chitraguptan
19 Meteorologist Kaarmegam
20 Agriculturist Pachaiyappan
21 Horticulturist Pushpavanam
22 Landscaper Bhuminathan
23 Barber Kondaiappan
24 Bartender Madhusudhan
25 Beggar Pichai
26 Alcoholic Kallapiraan
27 Exhibitionist Ambalavaanan
28 Fiction writer Naavalan
29 Makeup Man Singaram
30 Milk Man Paul Raj
31 Dairy Farmer Pasupathi
32 Dog Groomer Naayagan
33 Snake Charmer Nagamurthi
34 Mountain Climber Yezhumalai
35 Javelin Thrower Velayudam
36 Polevaulter Thaandavarayan
37 Weight Lifter Balaraman
38 Sumo Wrestler Gundu Rao
39 Karate Expert Kailaasam
40 Kick Boxer Ethiraj
41 Batsman Dhandiappan
42 Bowler Balaji
43 Spin Bowler Thirupathi
44 Female Spin Bowler Thirupura Sundari
45 Driver Sarathy
46 Attentive Driver Parthasarathy